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Wilderness First Aid Consultants

Wilderness First Aid Consultants (WFAC) is dedicated to the development of wilderness/remote practical first aid training Australia wide. We have a dynamic team consisting of a balanced mix of medical and outdoor adventurists available to teach, train and develop your knowledge of wilderness first aid. WFAC is 100% Australian owned and operated. WFAC will adapt to your first aid requirements with courses designed to suit professional to recreational needs.

We are devoted to the continual development of Australian based remote area first aid training and our curriculum is continually reviewed and revised by leading professionals in the medical and outdoor industries giving you the confidence to use in your training!

We encourage learning using memorable, hands on scenarios. This combined with just enough theory results in heightened learning and a whole lot of fun.

You do not need any medical background to take our courses, but if you are already medically trained we can take your urban skills and teach you how to use them in a remote setting with limited resources. WFAC trains over 1500 students each year locally and from around the world.

With a change in ownership in late 2018 we look forward to continuing to provide quality wilderness first aid training.

Do you have the knowledge to save lives?

Featured Courses

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