Available Courses

Travel First Aid (TFA) (1Days - 8 Hours)

This one day course has been developed for anyone traveling overseas to remote program sites. It is perfect for teachers who are traveling with students overseas as it will give you the confidence to assist if there is a first aid situation.

Advanced Travel First Aid (ATFA) (3Days - 24 Hours)

This three day course has been developed for anyone traveling overseas. It is perfect for teachers, volunteer and study groups, humanitarian groups, independent travelers or anyone who wants a little extra knowledge for their travels.

Marine First Aid (MFA) (2Days - 16 Hours)

Let’s face it, when the proverbial hits the fan, an ordinary first aid course just doesn’t cut it! Designed and presented by instructors who are both experienced in teaching first aid and emergency medical care, and being out on the water in all condition

Basic Wilderness First Aid (BWFA) (2Days - 16 Hours)

Fun, practical and loaded with scenarios this is the ideal introduction to the field of Wilderness First Aid for those playing in the outdoors.

Wilderness First Aid (inc CPR) (WFA) (3Days - 24 Hours)

This 3-day course covers the same material as the 2-day course as well as offering CPR and more scenario based teaching. A well rounded introduction to Wilderness First Aid for bushwalkers, climbers, paddlers and those who find themselves out and about.

AWFA - LWFA Upgrade (LWFA UP) (4Days - 36 Hours)

If you have completed a 4 day WFA course OR AWFA with us in the last 2 years, use this course to both UPGRADE to the LWFA (7 day level) and get into the 3 day RECERT cycle.

Advanced Wilderness First Aid (AWFA) (4Days - 32 Hours)

The AWFA course is an excellent starting point for serious recreational adventurers or those starting in the Outdoor Recreation/Education fields. Plenty of scenarios, CPR and a solid understanding of patient assessment sets you up for success.

Leaders Wilderness First Aid (LWFA) (7Days - 60 Hours)

The LWFA is the perfect course for the outdoor professional, seen in Australia as the defacto standard for group leaders guiding extended programs in remote or wilderness areas.

Wilderness First Responder (WFR) (7Days - 80 Hours)

The WFR is accepted as the defacto international standard for outdoor professionals, and is required by many companies if you want to work as an out door instructor.

Relief Medic (RM) (0Days - 0 Hours)

We travel to remote areas of the world to provide medical care for locals who would otherwise have no access to medical care.

RECERTIFICATION for current LWFA/WFR certifications OR UPGRADE to WFR (LWFA/WFR) (3Days - 24 Hours)

This is a specialist Recert course for the LWFA/WFR. It includes a CPR refresher. Your LWFA/WFR MUST be current to attend.
You can upgrade from LWFA to WFR on this course.

LWFA-WFR Upgrade (LWFA-WFR) (3Days - 24 Hours)

Do you have a current 7 day qualification from us? You may be eligible to UPGRADE your certification to the internationally recognized Wilderness First Responder (WFR - 10 day) qualification.

Custom Course (CC) (0Days - 0 Hours)

Custom courses are arranged as required and do not correspond directly to any of the standard full courses.

Expedition Medicine (EM) (8Days - 90 Hours)

Following on from "wilderness first aid" comes "expedition medicine". ON AN EXPEDITION MEDICINE COURSE YOU CAN USE YOUR MEDICAL TRAINING TO HELP OTHERS.

Asthma Management (AM) (0Days - 0 Hours)