4 Days - 36 Hours

If you have completed a 4 day WFA course OR AWFA with us in the last 2 years, use this course to both UPGRADE to the LWFA (7 day level) and get into the 3 day RECERT cycle.

If you have completed a 4 day qualification with WMI we now have an exiting RECERT/UPGRADE option for you. If your qual is current (i.e. within 2 years of having completed your original course), you will be eligible to UPGRADE your certification to the LWFA (7 day) level. The LWFA qualification is recognised as the de facto standard for outdoor educators in Australia. If you are intending to work for organisations like OEG, OBA, Southbound or other large organisations, holding LWFA card will be looked on favorably. Once you have reached the LWFA level, you could even upgrade once again to the WFR (10 day) level! Added to the skills and knowledge you would have gained on your AWFA course, you will also learn:

  • Litter packaging and long term spinal management
  • Chest injuries
  • More medical topics such as Diabetes, Cardiac and Gender-specific concerns
  • Bites and Stings
  • ...More scenarios, patient care experience and a night scenario. Upon successful completion of the AWFA/LWAFA UPGRADE course, your LWFA certification will be valid for 3 years. To recertify your LWFA, you can simply do our 3 day LWFA/WFR RECERT course.

Course Offerings

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