Relief Medic (RM)

We travel to remote areas of the world to provide medical care for locals who would otherwise have no access to medical care.

Our Relief Medic programs are for people with a Wilderness First Responder level of certification or higher (Paramedic, Nurse, Doctor). These programs are designed to create stability in medical care for the locals, where we set up temporary clinics but return to the same villages each year.

As a participant on these programs you will be involved in the pre-screening and even diagnosos of patients before you refer them on to the Doctors that travel with us. In this manor we can see over 100 patients per day! This program is an ideal way to lend your medical skills to help others and it also provides participants with hands on patient contact. For those with a LWFA certification you can participate in a 3 day LWFA to WFR upgrade as a pre-trip certification.

Relief Medic programs will be offered in Nepal, Ecuador, Timor and PNG in 2013.

Course Offerings

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