Advanced Travel First Aid (ATFA)

3 Days - 24 Hours

This three day course has been developed for anyone traveling overseas. It is perfect for teachers, volunteer and study groups, humanitarian groups, independent travelers or anyone who wants a little extra knowledge for their travels.

This is not your basic urban First Aid course! You will learn how to deal with situations in a remote area.

If you are traveling overseas for either work or pleasure, this three day course will give you the confidence to respond to first aid situations that may arise.

The topics covered are common scenarios that you may encounter on your international travels. If you are in a remote area you will need the skills to make informed decisions while waiting for help to arrive.

This course includes the one day content as well as more scenarios and topics to give you a solid foundation in first aid!

Day 1
Accident Management Plan
Risk reduction and hazard identification
Tropical and infectious diseases
Wound management
Abdominal Illness and Injuries
Improvised splinting and stretchers
Travel medical kits

Day 2
Cold injury
Heat Illness
Spinal injury

Day 3
Respiratory Emergencies
Unconscious patients
Head Injury

Course Offerings

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