Wilderness First Responder (WFR)

7 Days - 80 Hours

The WFR is accepted as the defacto international standard for outdoor professionals, and is required by many companies if you want to work as an out door instructor.

Super challenging and fun, much of your time is spent completing practical skills, case studies and scenarios. Immerse yourself in this intensive format and leave with confidence in your ability to act. The WFR is recognised and recertifiable worldwide. Upon completion you will receive a WFR Certification valid for 3 years. After doing 2 Recerts the entire course should be completed again, to ensure your skills and knowledge are at the highest. You will also receive a CPR card valid for 1 year.

Unit of Competency covered:
HLTAID005 Provide First Aid in a remote location

Recommended units to have prior to the course:

HLTAID001-Provide CPR Aid
HLTAID003-Provide First Aid

Topics Covered In A WFR Class:
Accident Management Plan
Head Injuries
Spinal Injuries • Spinal Evaluation
Chest & Lung Injury
Wilderness Wound Management • Blisters, Fish Hooks, & Splinters • Infection • Burns • Solar Radiation Problems
Athletic Injuries • Fractures • Dislocations • Femur • Anatomy: Bones & Muscles Environmental Injuries: Heat Illnesses • Cold Illnesses • Non Freezing Cold Injury • Frostbite • Altitude Illness
Search & Rescue
Medical Emergencies: Abdominal Illness and Injuries • Gastrointestinal Problems • Respiratory Emergencies • Cardiac Emergencies. • Diabetes • Unconscious Patient • Neurological Emergencies • Female Specific Illness • Male Specific Illness • Allergic Reactions and Anaphylaxis
Submersion Incidents
Snake Bites & Stings 
Eyes, Ears & Nose • Dental Problems
Diving Emergencies
Subcutaneous Injections
Wilderness First Aid Kits • Considerations for Expedition Drug Kit
Adult CPR & EAR • Automatic External Defibrillator

Course Offerings

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