WFAA Custom Programs

As Wilderness First Aid Australia primarily runs programs for organisations in Australia we only have a select number of public courses available per year. Most of the organisations we run training for will allow a number of external participant positions hence why we advertise positions available with certain courses. If you do not see a course on the calendar that suits your dates do not hesitate to contact the office to enquire whether we have some positions on unadvertised courses. Unfortunately, only 60 percent of our courses make it to the website.


We have a range of courses to suit individual and organisation's needs. Courses are based on specific a number of things i.e. hours, days, qualification requirements. Courses we have on offer are:

Basic Remote First Aid (16 hours) 2 days

Remote First Aid (28 hours) 3 days

Wilderness First Aid (50 hours) 5 days

Leaders Wilderness Advanced First Aid – LWFA (60 hours) 7 days

LWFA/WFR recertification (28 hours) 3 days

Remote Area Medic-Basic (RAM-B) (100 hrs) 9 days (formally Wilderness First Responder)

Custom courses

For the list of Units of Competency each course contains please contact the office on 03 9005 7172 or [email protected] for further information