WFAA Wilderness First Aid

Welcome to Wilderness First Aid Australia.

Wilderness First Aid Australia (WFAA) is an Australian owned company established in 2010 that specialises in wilderness/remote area first aid education for those unexpected situations you may find yourself in where medical help is a long way from you. Neil Ritchie an experienced wilderness first aid educator realised the need for an Australian specific program that meets the needs of the Australian environment and context.

At WFAA students learn decision-making skills, treatment principles and are put to the test by responding to real life scenarios based on your skills and knowledge that are developed over the duration of your course.

In 2013 WFAA purchased another leading wilderness first provider in Wild Aid. Wild Aid was renowned for providing excellent remote area first aid courses throughout Australia. Since taking over Wild Aid we have been able to offer the same service that with both businesses combined reaches all areas of Australia.

WFAA has been affilliated with the Wilderness Medicine Institute (WMI) of NOLS the most recognised and respected teacher of wilderness medicine in the world. WFAA made the decision to become its own entity and discontinued providing WMI of NOLS courses in October 2011. Throughout this positive transition phase we have utilised WMI's evidence based curriculum to assist us whilst developing our own Australian specific curriculum.

Throughout this partnership we have been able to grow in to the company to we are today training more and more students in the need for a greater understanding of what is required when dealing with a patient in the remote environment. WFAA still holds a strong collegiate relationship with WMI of NOLS and current students will be able to recertify with either provider based on their initial course hours. We will continue our professional relationship to ensure quality training is provided to the highest standards.

In 2018 Wilderness First Aid Australia entered a partnership with Australian Institute of Leadership and Safety (AILS): RTO 45354 a leading Registered Training Organisation within Australia offering quality programs within Leadership and Safety to deliver more programs and allow for growth within the emergency response area.

We will continue to offer rigorous and intensive pre-hospital/first aid training where students will be challenged in their decision-making skills.